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At Manjimup Baptist Church, we believe that knowing and apprenticing under Jesus is the best thing we can do in the world - for both ourselves and others.

Many that come through our doors know the Gospels and the way of life the scripture offers for deep and true living.

If you are skeptical or searching for answers in ethics, morals or philosophical thought, we believe Christ Jesus lights the way. You are welcome with all of your questions to come and see how we practise 'the Way'; to gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

To deepen our love for Christ and extend that love to our neighbour.

To be a vibrant Christian community influencing our world with Christ’s love.

We value lives that are fully dependent on God and obedience to Christ and the Bible.

We value building trust within Churches.

We value generous hearts that are committed to building the Kingdom of God.

We value all people inside and outside the family of God - every generation, every culture.

We value doing our best because it honours God and inspires others.

We value integrity - committed to being honest, transparent and above reproach.

We value community because we are stronger when we work together.

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