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About us


Welcome to our church family. We believe everyone is on a spiritual journey. That journey involves questions, difficulties, struggles and triumphs. Lets have some fun and a cuppa on the way!!


What to expect on your first visit.

Our Sunday worship service starts at 10am and usually finishes around 11:20 with a morning tea. Most Sundays we will sing some songs which helps us connect with God in a relevant way. If you don’t feel comfortable joining in, then don’t! We realise that everyone is at different points in their spiritual journey, and you are very welcome here, no matter where you're at on your journey with God.


Children are really important to us and they usually stay in the service until about 10:45, when they go out for some special age related children's time. We call it Kidz Church and we use “Growing Together Program” which facilitates partnering with parents in raising children who love God, one another & the world. Our leaders are trained, energetic people who have current "working with children" clearances. You're welcome to go out and stay with them for the first few weeks if you like, or just check it out for yourself first.

We take up offering, which is when our people give some of their money as an offering to God - one way of showing their thanks to God for His blessings and to resource His work in the community, missions and church. There is no obligation for you to give - you are our guest!


Every Sunday we hear relevant talks on life, family relationships, spiritual issues and purpose. You’ll hear stories, sometimes testimonies, and multimedia presentations. You’ll laugh, enjoy inputs from various church attendees and leaders on spiritual insights into why Jesus is so relevant in our world today.

Manjimup Baptist Church is part of the Baptist Churches of Western Australia which was formed in 1986 by four WA based Baptist churches that united together in order to engage more effectively in overseas missions.

our pastor:
356791239_129247446887049_5111760883555071414_n (1).jpg
Shaun Robson

Shaun is married to Maddy and they are parents of baby Kip. Shaun has worked and qualified in many fields prior to becoming a Pastor. Shaun is a country boy whose passion is pastoral care and coming alongside people by meeting them where they are at. 

He exists to:

  • love and worship God

  • love and cherish his family

  • love and save the lost

  • love and grow the saved

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