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Welcome to our church family. We believe everyone is on a spiritual journey. That journey involves questions, difficulties, struggles and triumphs. Let's have some fun, learn and celebrate with each other along the way!



Deepening our love for Christ and

extending that love to our neighbour.


To be a vibrant Christian community influencing our world with Christ’s love.


  • We value lives that are fully dependent on God and obedience to Christ and the Bible.

  • We value building trust within Churches.

  • We value generous hearts that are committed to building the Kingdom of God.

  • We value all people inside and outside the family of God - every generation, every culture.

  • We value doing our best because it honours God and inspires others.

  • We value integrity - committed to being honest, transparent and above reproach.

  • We value community because we are stronger when we work together.

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The Gospel of Luke
Luke 1910 [widescreen].png

Like many another books of the same kind, most of them now lost, [Luke] recounts ‘the tradition’, the facts about Jesus: though they are not merely facts, but truth which when proclaimed changes the lives of men. This book, moreover, sets them out with a remarkable fullness, accuracy, and meaningful order, and demands our closest attention. Granted this, we may expect it to lay deep in our hearts the infallible basis of spiritual certainty in a world where all else is changing and inconstant.

Wilcock, M. (1979). The Savior of the world: the message of Luke’s gospel (p. 31). InterVarsity Press.